Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Restore Hope Resources provides individualized services to help all job seekers, injured workers and persons with disabilities restore healthy, productive lifestyles through long-term gainful employment. The thing that makes us unique is that each person we come into contact we genuinely care to help them and every customer personally meets with the owners of the firm.  We immediately go into action to help customers by meeting with them and assess their unique job issues.  We determine the best course of action to help the customer find work quickly.


Our Fast Track Job Process:

1) Set up a time to meet in person at one of our offices or at a place convenient to the customer.

2) Complete a job/career survey together.

3) Determine if the customer has a resume.  If not, we help them create one, if so we update it.

4) Start job searching/connect with employers for employment/ on the job training.

5) Land employment and negotiate offers.

6) If supported employment, assist on-site with job.

7) Follow up with employment and ensure everything is going well and it is a good job match.



Job-Seeking Skills Training


Job-Seeking Skills Training is designed to help job seekers develop job search skills while getting professional assistance and guidance in finding new employment. It is recommended that all clients who will be entering a job search take our individualized job-seeking skills training program, which includes:

  • Identifying employment objectives and needs.
  • Resume development and job application instruction.
  • Interviewing skills, including appropriate grooming and hygiene.
  • Education in employer correspondence.
  • Instruction on how and where to find a job.
  • Training on post-interview follow-up.
  • Job retention skills.


Job Placement


A structured job search provides daily assistance and guidance from a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. If additional support is necessary, the rehabilitation counselor may also contact employers on the claimant’s behalf in their local community. Placement services involve:

  • Assessment of job seeker’s vocational goals.
  • Regular contact with the job seeker to assist in job search efforts.
  • Assistance with salary & compensation expectations.
  • Marketing job seeker to local employers and supplying job leads.
  • Use of job-search resource information.
  • Setting up on-the-job training with employer.


On The Job Training


  • We contact employers directly and set up OJTs at the places job seekers want to work (restaurants/retailers etc)
  • We pay the job seeker every two weeks and it is a very simple process (either direct deposit or we mail you a check).