FasTrack Jobs

FasTrack Jobs is an economical solution that is effective at helping jobless find full employment at a good wage while reducing the duration of unemployment by up to 75%. Today’s average length of unemployment has hovered around 40 weeks since late 2011 as noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics report: Unemployed Persons by Duration of Unemployment.  FasTrack Job participants complete their transition to full employment in 8-13 weeks or less – the target goal is 8 weeks.


FasTrack makes the job market efficient for both job seeker and employer by simplifying the process of matching talent buyer to talent seller.  Since 98% of job seekers are rejected at the resume screening and 4 of 5 (or 80%) of interviewed candidates are eliminated, employers and job seekers waste time trying to find each other.  FasTrack participants prove their results, accomplishments and impacts clearly enough for employers to quickly match available talent to their needs.  As local job market efficiency permeates throughout a state’s macro workforce system, the economic stimulus to the economy is billions of dollars.


Program Overview:

FasTrack Jobs is an online career portal which includes a “Career Knowledge Library” that contains articles, tools, interviewing/salary tactics in MP3 format, 100's of resume examples in 30+ top industries, dozens of cover letter examples, career videos, live career coaching, access to expert career coaching webinars and guides to expedite a job search.  Our participants become “Top 10% Candidates” who prove their value and demonstrate that they are worth the cost of their salary (this is done for all levels of job seeker, from entry-level to executives).  



Program ROI, Benefits, Innovations:

• 50%-75% shorter job searches add $20MM-$30MM to a local economy per 1,000 jobless helped (1,000 jobless x 20-or-30-weeks x $1,000/week (salary earned plus UI costs eliminated).


• Reduce length of unemployment by 20-32 weeks per job seeker.


• Program design is Fortune 500 caliber corporate outplacement quality. We help all job seekers overcome the 98% rejection rate by using a FasTrack methodology to elevate every job seeker to a “Top 10%” candidate.



• Program uses innovative tools to shorten the duration of unemployment such as:

  • Resume Grader – shows jobless how their current resume is performing on job market.
  • Talent Detector – uncovers job seekers value to sell it compellingly to employers.
  • Career Mapping – intervention tool to help jobless overcome barriers to employment.
  • Interview Scripting – we give job seekers individual “value” scripts to use in an interview.

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