Vocational Expert Consultation


Why consult with a Vocational Expert?


An injury or accident can produce a disabling condition. As vocational experts, we can determine the individual´s skills and abilities to engage in work. Specific types of employment, skills and abilities, earning capacity, and mitigation of losses are identified and compared with real-life employment opportunities within the local job market.


Consultation with an attorney, human resource professional, or third party insurer on the basic case dimensions. This service is used to evaluate the viability of the case and the cost/benefit of contracting with a Vocational Expert.


Pressing Questions:

  • Can the client return to the same or similar occupation?
  • Does the client have transferable skills that are marketable in other occupations?
  • Have there been one or more failed work attempts after injury?
  • Does the client’s view of his skills, talents, and capabilities differ from the opinions of the employer, medical professionals, or family members?


A Vocational Interview is an individual client interview within a comfortable setting, usually provided by the retaining attorney. It is an important component of a vocational assessment.


Information gathered during a Vocational Interview includes the client’s report of:

  • Work history
  • Job duties vs. job description
  • Work problems
  • Job-related skills
  • Education and training
  • Family concerns


Additional Information gathered includes:

  • Cooperativeness
  • Cognitive problems
  • Stamina
  • Attention problems
  • Social skills
  • Report of pain


Pressing Questions:

  • Is there a disparity between the client’s stated and medically reported vocational capacities?
  • Is the client’s work history relevant to the current claim?
  • Did the client work intermittently prior to his or her injury?
  • Did the client work in the home, on a farm, or volunteer prior to injury?
  • Was the client under-employed due to local labor market conditions prior to injury?