Job Market Experts was founded in 1991

Restore Hope Resources is a action-oriented non-profit organization that provides vocational rehabilitation services, re-employment services, and career counseling services to enable people to navigate the process of building or rebuilding their lives in maximum capacity.  We specialize in helping people with disabilities navigate quickly the path to successful, rewarding employment and love what we do.  We offer paid on the job training experiences to help job seekers quickly connect with employers.  The on the job training experiences help employers get to know employees and also helps job seekers find jobs that are "good fits" for them.  Our goal is to find permanent job placement for people, in careers that make them happy with salaries that honor their work. 



About Restore Hope Resources
Robert Meier has been a job market expert, vocational expert, expert witness, career rehabilitation specialist, educational trainer and workforce system consultant for 20 years. He founded and built Chicago's largest independently owned employment consulting firm and has developed and instructed dozens of educational career training programs throughout the U.S.  He has consulted with the Congressional Committee on Education & the Workforce, Department of Labor, contracted with the Chicago Vocational Rehabilitation Department for 6 years and has written 5 career books.  Currently, Meier directs our team of vocational experts at four Florida offices in Tampa/St Petersburg, Sebring, Port Charlotte and Melbourne. 


Meier has taught and published on a wide variety of employment issues.  He is contracted annually by SETA (Southeastern Employment and Training Association) to train executives at 100+ workforce boards and their staff that run 1,200 Career OneStops.  


Meier has written five employment books, numerous magazine articles and has appeared many times on television and radio.  Meier worked as a Job Market Expert advisor to government agencies, congress, educational institutions, non-profits, Fortune-500 businesses and national associations.  He has helped over 7,000 individuals transition into successful employment.


In The Media

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