Employer Matching System







Our researchers survey on-campus corporate employers to develop “best fit” candidate profiles on a calibrated scale that defines primary, secondary and tertiary expectations for the ideal new hire.  This solves the employer’s dilemma on who is the best hire by objectively scaling and ranking their needs in a custom profile.  Schools then “map” their teaching curriculum to bridge the “skills gap”.  The profiles are stored by schools as a reference for curriculum development and to help students show how their program of study applies to a particular industry.


The candidate’s “talent score” produces objectivity in the hiring process, meaning if employers are given many top scoring candidates and yet can’t find one that fits their needs, the campus career staff can return to an employer and either request that they lower their tolerance threshold or determine what specific skills are missing.




  • Reduce the employers’ time-to-hire by 75-80%.
  • Cut the number of hiring mis-matches by up to 90%.
  • Achieve clarity & agreement between employers and schools.
  • Help employers justify a hiring decision and remove hiring hesitancy.     

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