Job Market Experts Overview

PHILOSOPHYJob Market Efficiency

  • Fastrack makes the job market efficient for both the job seeker and employer by simplifying the process of matching talent buyer to talent seller. 
  • Since 98% of job seekers are rejected at the resume screening and 4 out 5 (or 80%) of interviewed candidates are eliminated, employers and job seekers waste time trying to find each other.  We focus on eliminating the inefficiency and waste of time that today's job market represents.  


GROOMED TALENT | Satisfied Employers

  • FasTrack participants prove their results, accomplishments and impacts clearly enough for employers to quickly match the best available talent to their needs.
  • When the guessing game of identifying who is the best talent in the candidate pool is eliminated, employers are less reluctant to add new staff.



  • Shorter job searches add $20MM-$30MM to a local economy per 1,000 jobless helped (1,000 jobless x20-or-30-weeks x$24/hr. from salary earned - more is saved if UI costs are added).  
  • Reduce length of unemployment by 20-30 weeks per job seeker.
  • We help students overcome the high candidate rejection rate by elevating the job seeker to a “Top 2%” candidate profile.   

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